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Meryl® Silver Cloud - Acne Pillowcase


Our antimicrobial pillowcase is designed to help with acne breakouts and blemishes by killing bacteria and microbes while helping to keep your skin hydrated. Our fabric has permanent silver ion technology built into the yarn.Unlike other silver ion finishes, that means your face is protected no matter how many times you wash your pillowcase.Our unique single-strand woven construction means there are no microfibers to pollute your lungs or the environment. Combined with zero chemical finishes or additives, your face and lungs will thank you every morning!

  • Clinically Tested Antibacterial Effect
  • Infused with Silver Ion Technology in every strand of yarn
  • Fights Acne producing bacteria and microbes
  • Skin Hydrating Effect
  • Absurdly soft feel and Breathability
  • No microfibers
  • No chemical finishes
  • Made from premium Nylon 66

Recommended Washing: Wash at a temperature no higher than 140°F (60°C).

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