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    7-Ply Hydrogen Pleated Antimicrobial Ear loop Face Mask - Black / White - 10 Pack (20% off)

    The ultimate Hydrogen antimicrobial reusable face mask comes bundled with a three pack of PM2.5 filters per mask. Here’s why it’s the best::

    • Best antimicrobial protection. Unlike chemically finished fabrics, we embed silver ion technology in each strand of yarn, imbuing our masks with permanent antimicrobial and antiviral protection. This means no face mask odor, no face mask acne (“Maskne”), and the best protection for the life of your face mask.
    • Best Filter Protection. With our PM2.5 5-Ply filter inserts you are receiving up to 90% filtration of sub-micron aerosol particles using electrostatic attraction. This is the same level of protection as N95 and KN95. For more filter details see our PM2.5 filter insert page.
    • Most comfortable Mask. Made from Meryl’s famous Hydrogen fabric, this face mask is the softest you will ever feel. Its Nylon 66 construction gives it superior breathability and moisture-wicking. No chemical finishes means there is nothing to harm your face, and it will never wear off.
    • Best fit. The pleated design adjusts to fit almost any face and the 100% fabric behind the ear secures the face mask with pure comfort.
    • Best choice. The 7-Ply Hydrogen face mask combines the power of double layered Silver Ion fabric with Electrostatic Attraction from our 5-Ply filter to give you the greatest protection. With the unlimited reusability of the face mask (just hand wash at 140°F with an unscented detergent and air dry completely), you only need to replace the PM2.5 filters based on your use.  It doesn’t get better than this. 

    Each mask comes packaged with 3 filters. 

    Filter Replacement Note: With our 5-Ply filters we recommend replacement after 16 - 24 hours of continuous use in a non-dusty area. After 1 week of intermittent use we recommend replacing. Filters should not be washed or exposed to liquids.

    If your filter changes color, you experience difficulty breathing, it is exposed to moisture, or is damaged please replace it immediately. Filter lifespan will vary upon outside particulate exposure.  

    Your face and lungs will thank you every day!

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    Wear Your Mask Responsively

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    How to Use and Insert Filter

    It's important to properly wear your mask to protect yourself and others. Watch the video to see how insert the PM2.5 filter and use the 7-Ply Hydrogen Antimicrobial Ear loop Face Mask.

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