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    Zero Water Pollution Programs

    Zero Microplastic Pollution

    The fashion industry has been a significant contributor of staple fibers into garments when mixed with other fibers, to simulate the high-quality touch that consumers look for.

    Unfortunately, these staple fibers in the form of microplastics are released from the garments during the washing cycles, polluting our oceans and waters.

    Solvent Free Solution

    The textile finishing industry is one of the greatest consumers and polluters of high quality fresh water per kilo of the treated material. The term “finishing” covers all chemical additives that serve to improve the appearance, texture or performance of low quality fibers.

    Meryl® yarns have been developed as performance yarns with outstanding properties without the need for any topical chemical treatments to either the yarn, fabric or garment. No use of silicones or softeners is needed to enhance the Meryl® touch.