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    Water Saving Programs

    Eco Colors

    Meryl® developed a sustainable waterless dyeing process Meryl® Ecodye. The color is added during the yarn extrusion process, completely eliminating the traditional dyeing step of fabrics and garments.

    Meryl® Ecodye offers a high-quality color with excellent fastness properties, greater absorption, and a softer touch, along with being environmentally friendly.

    Zero Water, Zero Energy, Zero Waste and Zero Auxiliary Chemicals.

    Cotton Replacement

    Processing raw materials and manufacturing clothing use an extreme amount of water. Apparel made from cotton requires high levels of irrigation and water- intensive processing.

    Meryl® created a yarn that combines easy-care properties with natural look and feel, consuming very little amount of water in the production process compared with the traditional cotton fiber production.

    Meryl® Cotton 66 yarn has a much better moisture management performance and durability.

    Eco Demin

    A truly sustainable revolution in the Denim industry.

    Meryl®’s outstanding Denim Textile Technology is a complete and sustainable revolution that enhances authentic benefits for the Earth and Environment.

    In a case of Meryl® Radical Denim solution, when using 100% Meryl® yarns, you can save up to 11.000 liters of water per pair of jeans.

    Wash Less Solution

    Consumer care represents very significant water and energy usage. Create odor-control garments that are saving the use of water and energy.

    Meryl® wash less solution is an antimicrobial technology known as Meryl® Skinlife, which uses permanent silver ion to eliminate unpleasant odors whilst maintaining the natural balance of the skin.

    Its effectivity is tested after 100 washes at 40 ̊C. Garments made with Meryl® Skinlife don’t need a frequent wash.