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    Meryl® Certifications

    Meryl prides itself on being a textile industry leader. To support our hard work we continue to test and refine our products to ensure they are of the highest quality. Below are our certifications that we are continually working to expand. You can place your trust in Meryl as a responsible textile manufacturer. 


    HeiQ is a textile technology innovator responsible for the Silver Ion technology embedded in the Meryl Skinlife 2.0 yarn. 

    The technology in the yarn inhibits bacterial growth and the Silver Ion particles are highly resistant to cleaning methods. Additionally, the amino sugar polymer sweat odor capturing effect inherent to the HeiQ technology reduces foul smelling odor by 93.8% compared to material without it.


    Oeko-Tex provides independent testing in Europe and Japan for chemicals and textiles. 

    The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for the Meryl Skinlife Force 2.0 verifies that all components in the textile are not harmful to humans. It further certifies that the textile fulfills the requirements of the European Union’s  Annex XVII of the REACH regulation, the American CPSIA regulation, and the Chinese standard GB 18401:2010. 


    Leitat is an industry leader in research and development for the fields of biotechnology, health, industrial chemistry, and more.  They confirm that materials and devices are designed to prevent or combat Covid-19. 

    Leitat’s certification validates that the Meryl Skinlife Force 2.0 properties meet current minimum requirements necessary for current conditions. It was issued for our fabric’s silver nanoparticles, absence of toxic and harmful substances, antimicrobial properties from the fabrics initial state to 100 washes at 40°C.


    The Environmental Protection Agency is a U.S. department responsible for making sure that chemicals in the marketplace are safe. 

    The Silver Ion technology embedded in the Meryl Skinlife 2.0 yarn is registered with the EPA.  


    Microbe Investigations Switzerland (MIS) focuses on testing relating to antimicrobial properties and treatments relating to textiles and plastics. 

    Testing by MIS confirms that Meryl Skinlife fabric is 99.9% effective in reducing Gram-Positive Staphylococcus aureus and Gram Negative Klebsiella Pneumoniae. This is due to our Silver Ion technology embedded into our yarn. 

    US CDC

    US CDC: Meryl 2-layer masks comply with the Centers for Disease Control recommendations regarding cloth face coverings intended to slow the spread of COVID-19. These recommendations may be found here: