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    Antimicrobial Fabrics

    Meryl® specializes in creating permanent antimicrobial fabrics using premium Nylon 66. Our fabrics utilize HeiQ’s permanent silver ion technology with V-Block. The silver ions are built into the matrix of the yarn so that it maintains its effectiveness for the lifetime of the fabric.

    Zero Pollution

    Meryl has the only fabrics in the industry certified to create zero microfiber pollution, a growing threat to health and the environment. Almost 20% of industrial water pollution comes from the dyeing and finishing of textiles. Meryl works tirelessly to develop new generations of sustainable fabrics that reduce the use of water, chemical additives, and energy.

    100% Recyclable

    Textile waste is an environmental crisis that Meryl is dedicated to solving. Our textiles are 100% post-consumer recyclable - which means our fabric can be recycled by end consumers into new fabrics instead of going to a landfill.

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    Permanent V-Block Technology

    Meryl fabrics utilize HeiQ reusable silver ion technology combined with HeiQ V-Block. This provides our fabric with antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Silver Ion particles destroy the protective membrane of microbes while also interfering with their ability to breathe and replicate. For more details see our silver ion technology infographic.

    For additional information on our independent laboratory testing by Leitat Managing Technologies that shows the concentration of silver ions in our fabric reduces the viability of microbes and the infection rate of viruses: Please review our antimicrobial fabric testing PDF.

    Meryl fabrics can be used for a multitude of applications: Apparel, Medical, Linens, Athletic Wear, and more. Schedule a free consultation to discuss custom applications.

    Fabrics Recommended for Face Masks, Active Wear, Medical, and Bedding