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    medical uniform antimicrobial fabrics

    Enjoy superior protection with our innovative antimicrobial material. Our healthcare and scrub fabrics provide permanent protection against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

    Antimicrobial Fabric for Scrubs

    It has never been more critical to have the best personal protection equipment for yourself and your staff. Our breathable antimicrobial scrub fabrics utilize cutting-edge silver ion technology from HeiQ with ViroBlock to fight pathogens. This gives you peace of mind that your fabric is working as hard as you are to keep everyone safe.

    What Is the Best Fabric to Use for Scrubs?

    Your team works hard to provide compassionate quality care to your patients. They deserve scrubs that work hard for them too. The best scrub or lab coat fabrics are functional and comfortable. They need to stand up to rigorous washing and wear, and should protect against dangerous pathogens.

    Our scrub fabrics are made of premium nylon 66 for maximum comfort, durability, and sustainability. Silver ion technology is built into every strand of material for protection that never fades and does not wash off. They are soft, can be recycled, and give off zero microfiber pollution. Healthcare workers know that microfiber pollution can be a transmission risk for pathogens. Studies show that pathogens can live for days on fabrics such as cotton and polyester, which makes it important to choose the right fabric.

    How Our Antimicrobial Fabric Works

    1. Silver Ion Particles Eliminate Pathogens: Silver ions work by damaging the proteins on the cell wall of microscopic organisms. Once these proteins are damaged, the organism can’t survive. Because these ions work on a chemical level, pathogens can not become immune to them. View our infographic.

    2. Zero Microfiber Pollution Means Less Risk: When garments made from most fabrics are washed, put on or taken off, or undergo other everyday movements, they release small particles known as microfibers. Though microscopic in size, these particles may contain pathogens, enabling the pathogens to spread much farther than they could on their own. In addition, microfibers are bad for the environment, having been found as far away as Antarctica, and in every level of the food chain. That is why Meryl research and development has created the world’s first fabrics certified to produce zero microfiber pollution.

    3. Recyclable Fabric Completes the Circle: In another industry first, Meryl fabrics are 100% recyclable. When a garment reaches the end of its life, it can be returned and recycled to begin life anew as an air bag or other industrial application, or even a new garment. This capability provides a truly circular textile ecosystem, saving untold natural resources.

      The result? When you use fabric that provides multi-faceted protection against the spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, you contribute to a healthier healthcare environment. When you use fabric that eliminates dangerous micro pollution and is recyclable as well, you contribute to a healthier planet for us all.

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