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Meryl® Cotton 66

Processing raw materials and manufacturing clothing, use an extreme amount of water. Apparel made from cotton requires high levels of irrigation and water-intensive processing.

Meryl® Cotton 66 is the perfect combination of easy-care properties and a natural look and feel.

Its natural touch can be compared to cotton, but engineered to offer a sustainable alternative with a much better moisture management performance and durability.

*Available in all pantone colors and patterns.

Natural Touch
Natural Touch
Create sustainable garments with natural touch, great moisture management, UV protection and durability. Garments with Meryl® Cotton 66, can rapidly transport moisture away compared to standard cotton yarns.

Better than Cotton
Better than Cotton
Meryl® Cotton 66 gives you the opportunity to create sustainable garments using less water and no agro chemicals. You can save up to 2.700 liters of water in one t-shirt using Meryl® Cotton 66 yarn, compared with standard cotton yarn.

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