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    Custom “K-Dub” Pleated Antimicrobial Face Mask


    “...think about ways to uplift your family either through education or hard work and effort. Develop work habits with discipline, those elements with a pay-off later.” - K-Dub

    Meryl is proud to partner with Oakland artist and educator Keith “K-Dub” Williams. A portion of all mask proceeds support non-profit organizations in Oakland, California, so you can look good and do good at the same time. 

    The K-Dub Hydrogen antimicrobial face mask captures K-Dub’s style using meaningful characters, phrases, and symbols while offering an absurdly comfortable fit thanks to its pleated design. The face mask also features long-lasting protection with our Nylon-66 antimicrobial fabric. Learn more in ourinterview between Know Yourself and K-Dub

    • Inspirational art. Designed by K-Dub, this powerful art piece will be eye-catching wherever you go.
    • Support local communities. A portion of K-Dub mask sales goes to support deserving non-profit organizations in the local Oakland community.
    • Best antimicrobial protection. Unlike chemically finished fabrics, we embed silver ion technology in each strand of yarn, imbuing our masks with permanent antimicrobial and antiviral protection. This means no face mask odor, no face mask acne (“Maskne”), and the best protection for the life of your face mask.
    • Most comfortable Mask. Made from Meryl’s famous Hydrogen fabric, this face mask is the softest you will ever feel. Its Nylon 66 construction gives it superior breathability and moisture-wicking. No chemical finishes means there is nothing to harm your face, and it will never wear off.
    • Best fit. The pleated design adjusts to fit almost any face and the 100% fabric ear fasteners secure the face mask with pure comfort.
    • Best choice. Unlike staple fiber cotton or polyester masks, the Hydrogen face mask produces no microfibers that can harm your lungs and the environment - and it is 100% recyclable. Combine with unlimited reusability (just wash at 140°F with an unscented detergent and air dry completely) and you have a mask that’s good for you and the environment.

    The K-Dub Hydrogen is Double layered for maximum safety and security.

    Your face will thank you every day!

    *Need Something Custom or in Bulk Quantities? Contact Us
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