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    Silver Ion Technology Optimizes Silver Masks

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    Silver Ion Technology Optimizes Silver MasksThe COVID virus has affected almost every aspect of daily life. People are rightly concerned with protecting themselves and their loved ones. Face masks are an essential tool for personal protection and limiting the spread of COVID-19.

    Why is Silver Important?

    Silver is well known as an antimicrobial agent, and its biocidal effects on viruses are now gaining attention as well. Advances in nanotechnology have fostered vast improvements in antimicrobial and antiviral textile treatments. Many healthcare products, such as bandages, ointments, and cleaning solutions, contain silver. You're probably familiar with silver-treated face masks, but not all silver-treated face masks are created equally.

    Fabrics can be treated through masterbatch or finishing processes. Masterbatch methods incorporate silver ions into fabric threads during the manufacturing process. Finishing processes adds silver ions to the surface of completed textile products.  

    Advantages of Meryl's Silver Masks

    Why is Silver Important in Face Masks?Long-term effectiveness of silver imbued reusable face masks depends on span bonds between fabric and silver ions. Meryl USA uses a masterbatch manufacturing method with permanent silver ion technology. Silver particles are embedded in every strand of their fabrics to provide a double layer of protection against pathogens. 

    Silver finishing simply coats fiber surfaces. Surface particles slowly disperse into the ambient environment, and some ions are lost every time a mask is washed. Embedded silver particles are much more resilient and minimize ion loss. You can wash your Meryl reusable face mask regularly without weakening antiviral properties.

    Finished silver face masks leave skin in constant contact with silver particles, which may be absorbed by sweat or saliva. In rare cases, exposure to silver particles can cause grayish skin discoloration known as argyria. Meryl's face masks minimize contact between skin and nanoparticles while maintaining silver's protective antiviral properties. 

    Meryl's reusable face mask are also environmentally sustainable. The 100% recyclable masks are made without microfibers or unnecessary chemicals that could contaminate waterways.

    Reap the benefits of Meryl's face masks right away. In addition to providing antiviral protection, a contoured design and adjustable ear loops let you wear your face mask comfortably all day.


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    Advantages of Meryl's Silver Masks