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    No Maskne. No Rashes. All Silver Ion Protection

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    2020 has been the year of the mask. As one of the simplest ways to help slow the spread of COVID-19, wearing masks has become a norm when leaving the house. However, aside from constantly fogging up your glasses, one of the most annoying things about wearing masks for long periods of time is a skin condition known as "maskne."

    What is maskne?

    No Maskne. No Rashes. All Silver Ion Protection

    Maskne is a form of acne called "acne mechanica," which is caused by friction against the skin. This friction can lead to short-term discomfort or irritation, and continuous friction over time will lead to inflammation and maskne breakouts on parts of the face covered by a mask: the cheeks, jaw, chin, nose and mouth. Maskne can also be caused by moisture getting trapped underneath a mask on a wearer's face for extended periods of time.

    How do you prevent maskne?

    How do you prevent maskne?If we weren't in the middle of a pandemic, the obvious answer would be to stop wearing masks. Since that's not an option, the next best solution is to wear a mask made of a less abrasive material that is also absorbent.

    Meryl's reusable, antimicrobial masks are the perfect solution. Made from a permanent silver ion fabric, Meryl's antimicrobial masks help you protect your community from COVID-19 and protect you from the skin irritation that causes maskne.

    Meryl masks are comfortable to wear and provide a natural moisturizing effect for your face. Antimicrobial masks kill harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses while on your face, as well as protect you from microbes in your environment.

    Wearing a mask doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience. With a reusable, antimicrobial mask from Meryl, you'll be doing what's best for your community and your skin.

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