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    Introducing the Meryl® 7-Ply Antimicrobial Face Mask with Permanent Silver Ion Technology

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    Medical, healthcare workers, and now everyday people can breathe a sigh of relief as Meryl releases their new breathable and reusable face masks to help fight coronavirus infection.

    USA - January 2021 - Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, many companies that manufacture medical equipment and kits have been working around the clock to devise ways of protecting healthcare workers. In the US alone, over 20 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported, with the number of deaths exceeding 400,000. 

    Many employers and customers have scrambled to acquire a face mask that is comfortable, provides the best level of protection, the best possible price per use, and is made in the USA: The 7-Ply antimicrobial face mask ticks all of these boxes. 

    It utilizes 3D cut 5-ply replaceable filter inserts inside a double layer of permanent antimicrobial premium Nylon 6,6 fabric. This provides comparable protection to N95 and KN95 masks, but with the benefit of using laboratory tested reusable silver ion technology.

    The Meryl face masks are the most comfortable face-coverings on the market today. The company prides itself on ensuring superior protection and unmatched comfort for the wearer. The masks are made using HeiQ's V-Block Silver Ion technology to inhibit bacterial, viral, and fungal growth as well as reduce foul odors by up to 93.8%.

    Meryl’s sustainable technology is set to revolutionize the fabric industry, which is a leading polluter. Meryl creates zero water waste and no microfiber waste because the material used is 100% post consumer recyclable. The company uses a chemical-free production process to ensure the products are safe for all applications. 

    Businesses and healthcare facilities looking for affordable ways to protect their employees can now turn to Meryl face masks. Meryl products are certified by HeiQ, Oeko-Tex, Leitat, and the EPA. 

    About Meryl Technologies:

    Meryl Technologies is a fabric manufacturer dedicated towards reducing textile pollution through our innovative sustainable methods and providing unparalleled microbe protection with our permanent silver ion technology. Our goal is to create an industry that produces zero water pollution, zero microfiber pollution, and 100% reusability. 

    For any questions please reach out to: Lina Barcelo, 305-968-5462,


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    Introducing the Meryl® 7-Ply Antimicrobial Face Mask with Permanent Silver Ion Technology