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    End Ear Pain From Face Masks

    • 2 min read

    Masks are now essential for many people whether by mandate, personal choice, or due to their occupation. While many fabrics and designs are available, masks present the same problem for many people; ear pain from wearing a face mask. Elastic, string, or yarn ear loops all irritate the ear and ear lobe from the pressure needed to keep the mask secure. 

    Using their versatile, soft fabrics that stretch for comfort while maintaining their shape, Meryl now offers masks made from high-tech, antimicrobial fabric for exceptional protection, breathability, and chemical-free wear. While many fabrics contain chemicals, Meryl manufactures materials without microfibers or toxic additives. These masks are healthy for you, won't harm your lungs, and are good for the environment. 

    All masks from Meryl attach to your ear with adjustable ear fasteners made from soft, non-irritating fabric. Wear a face mask from Meryl knowing you're safe from the risk of developing face or neck rashes, irritated skin, or painful ears. These masks are washable and long-lasting made with the same innovative textiles Meryl is known for.

    Meryl face mask fabric is created with silver ion technology built into the fibers providing a permanent antimicrobial and antiviral protective layer. Ionic silver is known for its ability to destroy viruses and bacteria and even after washing, your face mask retains its protective properties.

    You can choose from several style masks including Meryl's hydrogen antimicrobial overhead face mask made with Nylon 66 construction preventing moisture from being trapped under the mask and providing efficient breathability. This mask also comes as an earloop design with comfortable, adjustable ear loops. All Meryl masks offer two layers of protection but their 7-ply face mask includes a filter pocket for their 5-ply filter providing maximum protection. 

    Meryl face masks come in several colors and designs and all offer the most technologically advanced protection while providing comfort. Meryl ensures their products are chemical-free, reusable, and recyclable to protect you and the environment. Alleviate your ear pain by wearing Meryl face masks.


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    End Ear Pain From Face Masks