We at Meryl have been developing our fabrics for decades. We work with leading labs to certify the properties of our fabric and objectively evaluate our own performance.
We push our products to be the best and give you confidence in the quality of our products. Learn more about Meryl’s Certifications.

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About Meryl

Meryl's History

Touch, Quality and Sustainability.

In 1923 Nylstar was founded on the Mediterranean coast in the north of Barcelona and became one of the most important textile companies in Europe.

Since 1950, Meryl® is the leader of premium Nylon 6.6 branded yarns, produced by Nylstar in Blanes. Nylstar has been producing the highest quality yarns from the same location along the Costa Brava in Spain.

The Meryl® brand is based on 3 core qualities: Touch, Quality and Sustainability. World-renowned for its exceptional touch, Meryl has a long heritage in women’s fashion, particularly for garments which are in close contact with the skin. The highest quality of Meryl® yarns is the core of our sustainability.

Meryl®’s philosophy is to permanently engineer performance and functionality into our premium yarns in order to reduce or eliminate water, energy and chemical use in downstream processing. Meryl® is dedicated to reducing the negative impact from the textile sector on the environment, providing its knowledge in developing sustainable yarns.

Meryl Masks

  • The Meryl mask uses the highest quality Silver Ion technology embedded in the matrix of the yarn.  This means our fabrics have no finishes, chemicals, or solvents that can irritate your skin.
  • The mask can be washed over 100 times at 140°F while retaining its full effectiveness. 
  • Our masks are 100% recyclable and free of microfibers and microplastics.
  • Meryl Skinlife Fabric 2.0 is the pinnacle of experience and artisan craftsmanship.  This fabric provides you with the best feel and the best qualities in the industry.
  • Meryl masks are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Meryl Sustainability

Meryl is constantly focused on excellence in our sustainability programs.

European Artisanship Meets
High Tech Innovation

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