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    Antimicrobial Fabrics:

    What are antimicrobial fabrics?

    • Textiles that are antimicrobial protect you from potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi through a technological feature in the yarn like silver ion technology.

    What are the benefits of Meryl’s antimicrobial fabrics?

    • Meryl® uses permanent silver ions to puncture, disrupt, and suffocate pathogens. See our antimicrobial silver ion technology infographic for details.
    • We use no chemical finishes that wash off and degrade over time. That means a lifetime of protection vs the maximum 30 washes of competitive fabrics.
    • Meryl fabrics are certified to produce zero microfiber pollution, which means no transfer of pathogens from the fabric to the environment or other people.
    • Our fabric is 100% post-consumer recyclable. We have a mission of creating a circular textile that is sustainable.

    Sustainability is woven into every step of our process.

    Our Fabirc is For You and the Planet
    Absurdly Comfortable Protection
 Meryl Face Mask

    Absurdly Comfortable Protection

    • Made from permanent, antimicrobial fabric - kills bacteria and prevents viruses from replicating
    • Made with zero chemicals - no more rashes, mask acne, or dangerous chemicals
    • Releases zero microfibers - no more microfibers to inhale, spread disease, or kill the planet
    • Our Masks are breathable, long-lasting, and give you an added layer of protection.

    For You and the Planet

    • Zero waste - fabric is 100% recyclable
    • Zero pollution - free of microfibers
    • Zero water - unique eco-dye process is 100% water-free
    • Zero chemicals - production process is free of chemical finishes and silicons

    Sustainability is woven into every step of our process.

    Our Fabirc is For You and the Planet
    Meryl Fabrics

    Custom Orders?

    Meryl’s antimicrobial fabrics are designed to suit your business's unique needs. Made with permanent antimicrobial and antiviral silver ion technology permanently built into the matrix of the yarn, this antimicrobial protection will never wash off. Speak to one of our fabric experts today to learn more about our options.

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